About us:

We produce clothes for children and teenagers from the best quality knitted fabrics in sizes ranging from 74-158 cm only.

We are a traditional family company and have been on the clothing market continuously since 1993. This acquired knowledge and experience transfers into our products - they are durable and of high quality. We have a modern machine park and offer innovative solutions, while taking care of the smallest details. This offer means that our products are characterised by a solid professionalism, which is often enriched with handicraft details.

We offer the following range:

What makes us stand out?

We specialise in the production of knitted garments. We put our heart into every article, from start to finish, often by hand-finishing the product. For this reason, you will find uniquely decorated clothes with pearls, sewn-on features in various colours, materials and prints. We also manufacture only a short series for each model, so you can be sure that our clothes are unrivaled, and that your customers will not find similar examples elsewhere.

  • Best-quality knitted fabrics processed specially
  • Unique applications
  • Professional realisations
  • Short series
  • Polish product

We are a producer!

As a clothing producer, we deal with the wholesale of our products.

We also sell by mail order

FREE SHIPPING on purchases over 1000 PLN!

We also sell by mail order

Where to buy our clothes?


ul. Rzemieślnicza 35
95-030, Rzgów
Hall A
Stand 135
+ 48 724 302 377


ul. Krzywa 3
95-080, Kruszów
Row 28
Stand 8
+ 48 607 919 785


ul. Krzywa 2
95-080, Głuchów
Hall A, Sector IV
Stand 36
+48 695 550 557

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P.P.H. „Aipi”